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seven news law-enforcement made a concerted effort to keep ballard out of that neighborhood. we were told he was given a hotel to stay in. officers were familiar with him. they asked him to leave the neighborhoods. we have been told he was assaulted in the neighborhood the weekend before he was killed. reporting live, i am jennifer donelan. and include for investigators trying to figure out who was stealing checks from mailboxes. these women try to cash stolen checks and banks around our region. investigators say they think the women were using ids that did not belong to them. to becomeellers began suspicious. >> walmarts future ndc is in jeopardy. a vote set for tomorrow could end plans for three of the big box stores in the district. autria godfrey is live with the details. months,onths and although we have been talking about is that added jobs and opportunities the stores are supposed to bring to residents here in the district. six stores were supposed to open. with each store opening, 300 new jobs. word today that three of those six stores will not begin construction. there was s
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1